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Quick Introductory Post That Will Be Completed Later

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Quick Introductory Post That Will Be Completed Later

Post by FerretFox41 on Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:50 pm

Pokemon: Worldwide Adventure is a Fourm- wide Pokemon Role Play that I am setting up on the forums. When I get it all together, it will be a Pokemon journey through all of the regions- perhaps even ones like Orre. When we start out, you get up to two Pokemon, and you catch them as you go along, like in a normal Role Play. But then, once you've beaten the Elite Four of Johto, and then the gym leaders of Kanto, you find a ship that is making its way to an Unknown Land. This land is Hoenn. And then after Hoenn, you go to Sinnoh, and then (maybe) all of the spinoff games' worlds.

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