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Chatbox and Points System!

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Chatbox and Points System!

Post by 1337Mudkip on Tue Feb 16, 2010 5:25 pm

Well, I was playing around on the Admin CP when I decided to add a few things.

I added a Chatbox, and made some people moderators on it. If I forgot you, reply here are I'll add you in, or if you're an admin, feel free to add yourself xD

I also added the points system, which can be a way of buying sigs and avvys, joining raffles (which I'll speak about more later), and getting involved in the forum more. I think I gave everyone who has a role here a lot of points. =D I think I'll probably set some prices of course, and raffles will be something in the future. Tournament winners and people in the Hall of Fame will also get some points as well.

When you post and start new topics you receive points too, so that's more incentive to be a contributing member of the community!

Also, before the raffles start I'll be getting some cool prizes. So you definitely want to participate in that!

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