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Yeayz; first RMT is first ~ (Based on Izuna!)

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Yeayz; first RMT is first ~ (Based on Izuna!)

Post by Dwaggy on Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:19 am

dragon6107 wrote:

[size=85]Humans, gods, and beasts of myth...
Those who are both seen and unseen...
All have come to coexist in mutual tolerance
and harmony,
And peace has finally settled over the land.

The clashing of mighty warriors and their cries of battle have become tales of ages past,
and for those who ran through shadow
fought in shadow, lived in shadow...
The time of the ninja is no more.

BUt there is one girl who cherishes the old ways and continue to hone he skill as a ninja.
She travels as though she rides the wind,
today in the east, tomorrow in the west,
living her life free of cares and burdens
She is optimistic and beautiful, arrogant and selfish...
She is..[/size]



Intro: Haven't posted a RMT in a while, so I though I'd brush off my rusty RMT skills with this. <3 So, the pokemon team I'm about to show you in this RMT is an offensive rain dance team; 4-0 so far. Why rain dance? Well, I'm a fan of themed teams, but at the same time, I'm a person who hates fighting stall. I used to run a TR team, but I always found my self not being able to counter the opponents pokemon after TR is down, since my pokemon were slow as hell anyway. So, then I eventually found Rain Dance, which is great since there is that ever so annoying Damp Rock item, which doubles the turns for rain dance (correct me if I'm wrong. >3<) and the fact that I can wipe out m opposite oh so pleasantly with Hydro Pumps. ;3 Oh yeah, and this team was inspired by Izuna 2: the Unemployed ninja returns, a RPG game for DS. <3


Unempolyed Ninja Rain Dance First Glimpse:


Unempolyed Ninja Rain Dance In further Depth:

Gliscor グライオン @ Damp Rock *** Shuuchi
Sand Veil
200 HP | 56 Att | 252 Spe
Jolly nature [+Speed, -Special Attack]

* Earthquake
* Rain Dance
* Roost
* U-Turn

**** Ah yes, Gliscor as a lead, and the guy who first sets up the rain. He's great since I'd be out-speeding things like Heatran, so I can get the rain dance up, without worrying about Fire Blast, etc., and then either Earthquaking or U-turning. I'd have to watch for explosion though. As for things like Azelf or Aerodactyl, its an easy U-turn to scizor, since they'd be most likely be taunting me. Its EV's in speed allow it to outspeed regular 216 other Gliscor, so I can Rain up, before it can taunt it. For Metagross leads, they have a habit of Explosing on this thing, so I'd be Rain Dancing before they do, or, Earthquake can 2HKO them. This thing is also my best bet on beating Lucario, if it sticks around, thanks to Roost, increasing its survivability. Also, you may know that Rain Dance teams hate Tyranitar, so this thing can also serve as a effective Tyranitar checker.

**** Name comes from in the game, Shuuchi, a very strict warrior, the god of earth. Ownz.


Kabutops カブトプス @ Life Orb *** Mitsumoto
Swift Swim
56 HP | 252 Att | 200 Spe
Adament nature [+Attack, -Special Attack]

* Waterfall
* Swords Dance
* Stone Edge
* Aqua Jet

**** No surprise here; Kabutops is one of my Rain Dance sweepers. I tried the CB version, but I always found myself being walled by like, a Vaporeon or incoming DD Kingdra to get a free Dragon Dance, so I chose the Swords dance variant. Nothing much to say, after a DD, I saw it kill a vaporeon in one Hit, along with a few other things, like Blissey, or 2 Hitting Skarmory. Aqua Jet is for mainly those who are running priority moves like Mach Punch and such. SO basically, just to sum this thing up, it OHKOs, and 2HKOs. 200 SPe is to outspeed 184 Spe Kabutops, and scarfed stuff like Flygon, etc.

**** Name comes from in the game, Mitsumoto, ninja who tags along with Izuna and Shino, and is claimed to be a professional ninja, but all he does is chase girls and be rejected by them. Heh, no one even remembers his name. ^^


Scizor ハッサム @ Damp Rock *** Kagen
176 HP | 156 Att | 176 Spe
Adament nature [+Attack, -Special Attack]

* Bullet Punch
* U-turn
* Roost
* Rain Dance

**** So yeah, secondary Rain Dancer. He's so cool in rain; and thanks to his EV's, along with the Rain, he can easily U-turn on those Latias or Celebi without worrying about Hidden Power [Fire] OHKOing. U-turn, of course has that benefit of easily switching to another rain dance sweeper, and not worrying it being trapped my Magnezone or (lol Dugtrio) It can also be a great Tyranitar checker, just in cause it suddenly comes along to stop my Rainy fun, and attempt to 2HKOing it with Bullet Punch. Again, the EV's let it be on the bulky side, since Rain Dance teams are usually frail. It can also be a follow up with Gliscor, to bullet punch aerodactyl, should I come across one.

**** Name comes from in the game, Kagen, a hot blooded d00d who is the God of Fire. (Ironic isn't it? ^^)


Kingdra キングドラ @ Life Orb *** Shino
Swift Swim
176 Att | 113 SpA | 225 Spe
Naughty nature [+Attack, -Special Defense]

* Waterfall
* Draco Meteor
* Signal Beam
* Hydro Pump

**** Secondary Rain Dance sweeper, Classic Mixed Kingdra in the rain, and is she oh so powerful. Waterfall 2 Hit Ko's Blissey,and Draco Meteor can OHKO any Dragon. Hydro Pump is of course its main move, being so powerful in the rain. Signal Beam is supposed to be for Celebi, but...this is the only move that is in subject on change. 225 Spe EV's allow it to outrun smogon's 16 Spe Mixed Kingdra in the rain, while 113 SPA EVs lets it hit stuff harder with Hydro Pump, and the rest are thrown into HP for bulk. I usually send her in to mid-game to take latias's surf, etc.

**** Name comes from in the game, Shino-Sis, a ninja who is Izuna's best friend. She's very reliable. ;3


Registeel レジスチル @ Damp Rock *** Takushiki
Clear Body
252 HP | 168 Att | 88 Def
Impish nature [+Def -Special Attack]

* Explosion
* Rain Dance
* Stealth Rock
* Shadow Claw

**** Well, I'm a guy who believes that "you can never be too careful" so I have Registeel here as a third Rain Dancer. He's great because he can resist Tyranitar's Crunch, sets up stealth rock for Kingdra to OHKO stuff, and explode on something for an opening for my sweepers. Shadow Claw is for ghosts who aren't affected by Explosion...namely Gengar and Rotom-A. As for the EVs...they're standard tank EVs, but I dunno, maybe they need some work? But they allow it to survive a +1 DD Salamence's Earthquake, a Fire Blast from choice Scarf Heatran, etc. This thing CAN be replaced by bronzong, however.

**** Name comes from in the game, Takushiki, the most powerful God; The God of Consciousness.


Gorebyss サクラビス @ Life Orb *** Izuna
Swift Swim
Modest nature [+Special Attack -Attack]

* Hydro Pump
* Ice Beam
* Hidden Power [Electric]
* Rain Dance

**** My favourite sweeper in this team, Gorebyss. I'm currently choosing her over Omastar because she's more on the special Defense side when facing Vaporeon or Latias and such. Ice Beam, of course for Dragons like Flygon and Salamence (which I THINK she can outspeed choice scarfed Flygon because of the timid nature) Hidden Power Electric is for Vappy and Gyarados, Hydro Pump is its STAB move, and it can set up its own Rain Dance. I dunno, I think this pokemon is the most likely for change, if its necessary.

**** Name comes from in the game, Izuna; the pink haired ninja who is beautiful, arrogant and selfish, kicks butt, and protect those she cares about.

Conclusion: Well, that's it. A rain dance team made by yours truly. Yeah, appreciate the advice and info if you guys choose to give me some, yadda, yadda, yadda.


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