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Basic forum language.

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Basic forum language.

Post by Fairy Cakes on Sun Jan 03, 2010 3:26 am

Basic Forum Language.
I often see topics that have questions like, "What is a Locked Topic?". Well, this guide is for you. This guide will describe Forum language. Don't post a topic asking what LOL means or something. It will more than likely be locked. I would enjoy feedback, and suggestions as well!

Basic Forum Language

Post: A reply/start of a topic. You find these in threads.

Thread: A thread is a topic on a board. Such as this.

Sticky: A thread that has been "stuck" to the top of the page. Only Moderators and Administrators can sticky topics.

Announcement: These are the same as stickies, except they are ALWAYS located above stickies.

Locked Thread: These threads have been locked, and only administrators and moderators can post in this topic.

Moved Thread: A thread that has been moved to a different board.

Junior Moderator: These moderators have control over all of the boards, but can only make topics Stickied. They are marked by a bold, orange name.

Senior Moderator: The Senior Moderators have the same powers as Junior moderators do with the addition of being able to ban members. Sr. Mods have red colored usernames.

Administrators: Admins are marked with light blue username colors and have the power to do anything on the boards.

Avatar- A user's display picture, located below their name.

Signature- A block of text, usually something witty, but can be serious. It can also be an image.

PM- Private Message or Personal Message

Word Count- Number of total words you've made.

Words Per Post- The average number of words you type per post.

Post Count- The total number of posts you have made.

G&OR- Games and other Randomness

CB- Chatterbox (Located in General Chat)

RP- Role Play

Double Post- Two posts by the same user consecutively. Don't do this. Use the Edit button instead.

Topic Flooding- Creating large amounts of pointless topics.

Moderator Warning- A Giant Exclamation mark followed by a warning. After this is issued, that post CANNOT be edited by the poster.

Mini-mod- A member who alerts a moderator if a rule is broken by someone. Mini-modding is considered helpful to moderators, and is the opposite of Backseat modding.

Backseat Mod- A member who acts like a moderator, and tends to scold the one who is breaking the rules. Backseat modding is frowned upon, and is the opposite of Mini-modding.

Shorthand General Talk

Bump- Usually used to revive a topic. Don't revive other users topics though.

LOL- Laughing Out Loud

ROFL- Rolling on floor laughing

FTW- For the win

4TW- For the win

QFT- Quoted for Truth

idk- I don't know.

SPAM- Short Pointless Annoying Messages

OMG- Oh my gosh

ZOMG/OMGZ- Just a humorous way of saying Oh my gosh.

idc- I don't care.

j/k- Just kidding.

g2g- Got to Go.

brb- Be Right Back.

bbl- Be Back Later

bbiab- Be back in a bit.

RMT- Rate my team.

GG- Good Game, or Gotta Go.

FYI- For your information

FTL- For the loss/For the Lose

ASAP- As soon as possible

LG- Let's go

FC- Friend Code

TCG: Trading Card Game

xD - XD: Another term for laughing out loud.

Ttyl: Talk to you later

SRSLY: Seriously

Srry: Sorry

Newb: Newcomer

OOC- Out of Character

WiFi- Short for Nintendo Wireless Fidelity

IMO- In my opinion

iirc- If I recall correctly

n00b- A derogatory term used to describe a newcomer. Try to avoid using this word. Also known as noob, nubcake, and nub.

IRL- In real life

RL- Real life

DB- Dragonball

DBZ- Dragonball Z

DB GT- Dragonball GT

ROFLCOPTER- Rolling on the floor copter. A humorous way to describe ROFL.

MOAR- More

NAO- Now

Plz- Please

K - KK- Okay

GOW- Go on WiFi

UT- Untouched

oic- Oh I see

d/c- Disconnect

r/c- Reconnect

Pic- Picture

NP- No problem

jw- Just wondering

atw- all the way

atm- at the moment

W/- With

w/o- Without

W/E- Whatever

GL- Good Luck

ITT- Ignore this Topic

Flaming- Intentionally making fun, or being mean to another user. Don't do this.

Shoddy- Refers to Shoddy Battle Server, an online Diamond/Pearl battle simulator. Many use it to test teams and to host competitions.

If anyone has anything they would like to add, post it here, or PM me, a moderator, or an administrator, and they can edit my.
*Note to the Mods/Admins* If you add-on my post, please post your username in the thank-you list.
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