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Generation 4?

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Generation 4?

Post by 1337Mudkip on Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:20 pm


Its generation 4, known to some as the pinnacle of competitive pokemon!!
So as a mawd i decided I'd make something to put this forum in liveliness.
It's a project: about a non-battling aspect of the games. I want game reviews. Of any Gen 4 Pokemon Game.

Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Heart Gold
Pokemon Soul Silver

(Obviously HG/SS is going to be rough for all of you who didn't import the game, but I suppose those can wait until March lol! )

Anyway, here is how the reviews should be made:

Rating out of 10:
Favorite Part:
Worst Part:
Game Length:
Other: (please specify)

Here's an example:

Title: Pokemon Soul Silver
Rating out of 10: 8.5
Why: The game itself was good, however it didn't bring back that nostalgia that everyone was hoping for, until the end where you get that GB player, which plays the old music, down to the battle themes of wild pokemon.
Favorite Part: New challenges with the gyms, as well as Gen 4 pokemon.
Worst Part: A little difficult for first time players, as there's a bit more brain work than in the previous games.
Graphics: Awesome. Great use of 3-D DS capabilities, but as always, there's that rough feeling you get from them.
Game Length: Pretty good, and many rechallenges keeps the game going.
Difficulty: Intermediate (Not for novices, but experts of pokemon games should catch on quickly)
Other: The game is great for the die hard fans, but if you are looking for the old feel, go buy a Game Boy =P

Hope I get some responses with this.

1337Mod/Mudkipz signing out!

~~Everyone will be credited if they participate in this!


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Re: Generation 4?

Post by Starstruck99 on Thu Feb 25, 2010 7:34 am

Title:Pokemon Platinum
Rating out of 10:9/10
Why:The storyline vastly improves,new gym upgrades make them harder,Distortion World is simply awesome,going down an upside down waterfall,fun!
Favorite Part:Making Barry pay for not using Heracross first,Staraptor vs Staraptor though was good.
Worst Part:Having Bertha's Gliscor beat me to a pulp with Ice and Thunder Fang.I hate it.
Graphics:Not the best graphics I've seen before,but,there still good.
Game Length:Pretty long with the additions to gyms that make it longer{see Hearthrome's gym}and the inclusion of the Distortion World.
Difficulty:Vetrans of Diamond and Pearl will find going through this to be a piece of cake,otherwise,intermediate

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