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Epiquest (Accepting.)

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Epiquest (Accepting.)

Post by pseudohippie on Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:09 pm

Story: YOu and your friends were sent to find a rare gem that could heal the sick people in your town. However, while you were gone, the town was raided by members of the "Nightmare Beast" gang. Everyone was killed, including the young children. You and your friends now vow revenge on the "Nightmare Beast".
-All marriland rules apply
-Please follow the 5 line/7 sentence rule.
-If you break any rule, you will receive a strike. After three strikes, you will be kicked out of the RP.

The "Nightmare Beast" gang is composed of various sects:

1. the dark eye sect who excel in accuracy.
2. the dark claw sect, who specialize in attack
3. the dark tail sect, who have the ability to switch their weapons with yours, and excel in defense.
4. the Dark wing sect, a very special group who are equally strong in each field and have the unique ability of flight
5. and the Nightmare Beast sect itself, containg the top 5 members: the leaders of each sect and the Leader of the entire organization.

Various Weapons: Each weapon has a category and a "level" for the regular attack and magical attack. The level is based off of a 1-10 scale with 10 being the best. A few blades have a speed facor, which is what gives them their edge

1. Morph blade: Has a broadsword and katana form. the broadsword is slow but very powerful while the katana form retains 70% of the power but multiplies the speed by 1.5. type of weapon: POWER. attack level: 7.5 Magic level: 3.5
2. Battle Axe: A weapon made for power. Very slow and has almost no magical attack. It has a lightning rod that extends from the top, giving it a slight boost in magical attack. Attack level: 10 magic level:2.5 Speed: 4 Type: POWER
3. Cane Blade: the best magical weapon in the game. It also has a blade form that is fast, but relatively weak. Attack Level: 3.5 Magic Level: 10 Type: Mage
4. Club: A weapon that is suprisingly well balanced. A good weapon to use in a suprise attack. Attk lvl: 6 magic lvl: 4 type: balanced
5. Normal Katana: Unlike the morph blade, his katana cannot change forms. However, for some, that is good because it is a perfectly balanced blade. attk lvl: 5 magic: 5 type: balanced
6. Rapier: the rapier is sub par in both attack and magic, but has great speed, which for some, makes up for the less than average attk and magic stats. Attk level: 4 Magic: 4 speed: 8 type: speed
7. Back Handed blade: A sword that utilizes a back handed stance. It is perfectly balanced like the normal katana, but the stance is usually mor preferred for fast offensive strikes. Attack: 5 Magic: 5 Type: balanced
[*} duel blades: These short blades are farily weak magically and physically but have un-beatable speed, which allows the user to pull of great combos which will have an ability to stun the enemy. The larger the combo, the greater the chance they will stun. Attack: 3.5 Magic: 3 Speed: 10 type: speed
8. Scythe: A rare and very sought after weapon with great stats all around. Attack: 7 Magic: 6.5 Speed: 5.5 type: Well balanced(NOT AVAILABLE FROM THE BEGINNING! DO NOT CHOOSE THIS WEAPON AS YOUR STARTING WEAPON!)
9. Quad-shot: A unique gun that has 4 forms. (the gun takes special elemental bullets, which shall be explained later)
Sniper Form: Power: 2/10 Magic: 9/10.
Musket Form. Power: 4/10 (with bayonet) magic: 6.5/10
Shotgun Form: power: 3/10 Magic: 7.5/10
FORBIDDEN! Rocket Form. Powr: 2.5/10 Magic:10/10 (This form was banned due to it's immensely destructive power. However, a select few have been chosen to weild this weapon, including the rulers of the cities)

More to come later

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